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Cats . Love . Treats

Fresh from the kitchen we cook nutritious and delicious treats for cats

Kitty Kitchen is feline cuisine made from fresh, locally sourced and human grade ingredients. As a discerning cat parent, ensuring your cat's dietary and taste requirements are met is a key priority. Whether you adopt a holistic approach to your cat's nutrition and care or are looking for more variety in your cat's diet then Kitty Kitchen can cater for your needs.


Feline cuisine

Kitty Kitchen offers poultry, game, fish and kangaroo treat varieties.
We also offer treat options that are gluten free, grain free, egg free and poultry free.


Cat Quiches

Available in salmon, mackerel, kippers and sardines these delightful quiches provide tasty, easy to eat and portion appropriate servings. Cat quiches are available as gluten free options. All varieties include egg.


poultry & game

Free range chicken, turkey, venison and kangaroo provide high protein, gluten free, grain free and egg free options. Meats are lightly sauteed to ensure nutrients and flavour are retained. Mixed with seasonal vegetables and fruits these suit both an exotic and refined palate.



Local fresh fish is lightly sauteed with wild crafted greens and hemp seeds. Our range currently includes Snapper, Ling. Barramundi, Hoki and Whiting. Seasonal fish are also available. Please look for our speicals.



Feline body & soul

hand-crafted feline care products derived from nature

This is our ethos when to comes to cat care and our hand-crafted cat mists, shampoos, rinses and cleaning products are all designed to enrich your cat’s well being and give you peace of mind through a holistic approach. 


Holistic feline care

Our hand-crafted holistic cat care range is specifically formulated for cats and their unique biology. Our current range includes:

  • cat mists to support welfare, health and well being

  • cat shampoos and rinses

  • cat friendly cleaning products ideal for litter trays, food bowls and bench tops.

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Cat mists

Our cat mists contain hydrosols or plant distillates that are safe for cats and seek to support their welfare, health and well being. Cat mists can be used for behaviour support or as part of a holistic care regime. Our mists do not contain essential oils and therefore safe for cats.


cat shampoos and rinses

Our shampoos and rinses provide support for cats that love to bathe or who may need some assistance with coat or skin condition or odour control. Formulated with feline friendly bases such as donkey milk and goats milk, our shampoos and rinses are blended with hydrosols and herbs.

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cat-friendly cleaning

Providing peace of mind that the products you use in your cat’s care are safe and eco-friendly. Our range is free from toxic oils and chemicals whilst still offering antibacterial properties. Floral and native varieties available. Eco-cloths and brushes coming soon.

Coming soon: Kindred Cat essence-infused cat mists
Flower and gem essence infused cat mists
Add that spiritual side to your cat’s care regime with our new range of essence-infused hydrosols.
We combine the magic and wonder of Australian Bush Flower essences with beneficial hydrosols.
Our gem essences similarly add the power of vibrational energy into our mists.