Cat mists

Our cat mists are hand-crafted from hydrosols or plant distillates that are cat safe and provide support for welfare, health and well being. Available in two sizes, 50 ml or 100ml, our mists come in six varieties, each with a focus on area of support. Details of each mist is provided below.


Calming mist - Daisy’s blend

Assists in calming cats who are energetic or excitable. Good for bedtime or to help settle.


Travel mist - Chico’s blend

Assists in soothing cats during travel such as a visit to the vets, cattery, holiday home or social appointment.


refreshing mist - millie’s blend

Assists in refreshing and uplifting cats. Ideal for odour elimination and after grooming and bathing.


uplifting mist - Rio’s blend

Assists in uplifting cats who feel grief, sadness, memory loss or depression.


nurturing mist - lana’s blend

Assists in nurturing cats who are timid, nervous or shy and those in a new home.

Coat calm.png

Coat calm mist

Assists in soothing and calming cats with itchy skin and coat.