Your cat is our priority

Cats have unique dietary needs. At Kitty Kitchen we are species-specific which means your cat's dietary and lifestyle needs are our only priority. We're cat parents helping other cat parent's offer love, treats and care to their cats. We don't offer treat ranges for any other species and we don't 'add-on' cat treats as a secondary offering. Cats are our priority and specialty. Our background in feline behaviour and nutrition coupled with practical cat visiting and care experience form the foundation of our approach. We understand and love cats and we consider your cat as part of our family.

Care means quality ingredients

Our approach is fresh, responsible and ethical food for your cat. Our ingredients wherever possible are sourced fresh and local. We visit the fish markets, we source our eggs from local free range farmers, we grow our own herbs and we use quality produce.

Our ingredients are clearly listed and we provide a nutritional analysis so that you can identify what protein, fat and carbohydrates are in each treat. 

Taste tested by our feline advisors

Taste testers Nara and Daisy hard at work

Taste testers Nara and Daisy hard at work

We have two highly dedicated in-house taste testers Daisy and Nara. They take their job very seriously, particularly Nara, and can often be found checking the progress of treat development projects. Kitty Kitchen was inspired by both Daisy and Nara. Daisy has a particularly refined (aka fussy) palete and Nara experiences gut health issues typically diarrhea and wind (yikes) which makes her daily life uncomfortable, painful and darn right smelly. The difference is evident in both their health, well being and zest for life when they have species-specific, nutritious and tasty treats that complement their main diet.